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We Take A Closer Look At 3 New For 2018 products – Magma, Polar Blast & UHD Wax
A Magic Number: We Take A Closer Look At 3 New For 2018 products – Magma, Polar Blast & UHD Wax

Never let it be said that we at Autoglym are happy to stand still or rest on our laurels – far from it! Indeed, 2018 will see us launch an array of brand new, hugely exciting products, 3 of which we’ve opted to showcase here; Magma, Polar Blast & UHD Wax. All 3 are the product of an intensive design, development and formulation process, the end result being cleaning solutions with proven ability. Read on to find out more.

Magma’s colour changing technology isn’t stunning to behold, it enables you to take the fight to automotive fallout

1) Autoglym Magma

Far more than merely a cool name, Magma is our attempt at a product suitable for removing that most irksome of contaminants, airborne fallout. Fallout is an unfortunate by-product of living in a built up, urban, industrialised nation and is therefore all but impossible to avoid, especially if you happen to park near to a train station, city or industrial area. It consists of particles of iron and iron ore, and manifests itself as small black or orange specs on your car’s paintwork.

Fallout isn’t merely annoying, it’s also incredibly hard to physically see, hence why we’ve created Magma, an all new product based on our own Colour Transformation Technology. As the name implies, this turns bright red whenever it encounters and reacts with iron deposits, allowing you to spot and tackle it with the minimum of fuss. Not only does it highlight the problem areas, it also breaks down and softens the contaminants, loosening the particles so they’re ready to be washed off.

There’s another aspect of Autoglym Magma that’s well worth highlighting, and that’s the fact that it’s safe to use on all areas of your car (including paintwork, glass and alloy wheels) thanks to its pH neutral formulation.

Click through to learn more about Autoglym Magma

Autoglym Polar Blast is proof that not all snow foams are created equal

2) Autoglym Polar Blast

We reckon we’re on safe ground when we say that ‘foaming’ is one of the most entertaining single aspects of car care, which is why we decided to make the process even more fun by tweaking both the formula and the method of application when developing this product. This eventually led us to create a superior form of snow foam, Polar Blast.

Designed to be applied via a jet-wash lance, one of Polar Blast’s main objectives was to be ultra-clingy, which in practice means that it needs very little encouragement to stick to your car’s bodywork. This results in longer dwell time and, as a direct result, the active detergents contained within have plenty of time to get to work on that stubborn dirt. This is one of those products that you really can’t truly appreciate until you’ve seen it first hand, but trust us when we say that there are few cleaning products able to generate quite as many clouds of silky-smooth, pillowy suds as Polar Blast.

Using Polar Blast on heavy and moderately soiled bodywork is much kinder to paint as it loosens and removes traffic film and other surface contaminants prior to breaking out the wash mitt and shampoo. On those vehicles that are only moderately dirty, Polar Blast can actually be used as the wash medium, and replace the whole shampoo stage of the wash, allowing you to continue your wash routine with minimum fuss.

As is the case with many of our most effective products, Polar Blast is nothing if not versatile, able to be used in either diluted form (10:1) or, for those especially grubby, post-festival cleaning sessions, neat. As you might expect from the Autoglym boffins, it also smells rather nice too, with a fragrance not unlike a quality cologne.

Click through to learn more about Autoglym Polar Blast

Ultra High Definition Wax is as beautiful to behold as it is to use, a fitting addition to the UHD range

3) Autoglym UHD Wax

HD Wax grew to become one of the most beloved products in the Autoglym range and perhaps the most highly regarded wax on common sale in the UK. This is obviously great news all round, but its success did leave us (well, our product development boffins) in something of a quandary when the time came to replace it – how on earth do you improve upon a product as well rounded and respected as HD Wax?

2018 brings the answer, Ultra High Definition Wax, the distillation of everything we’ve learned about automotive waxes in one, easy to use, beautiful product. Our development team focussed their efforts on two, traditionally difficult to reconcile ideals; an ability to deliver unrivalled depth of shine, our best ever durability and unprecedented ease of use. Picking an automotive wax traditionally involved picking between the three traits, which is why UHD Wax is such a big deal – it will leave your paintwork looking showroom fresh, very well protected, yet is simplicity itself to apply, thanks in part to the new ergonomic wax applicator that comes in the kit.

Finally, and in a nod to all the best Autoglym products, UHD Wax leaves a wonderful fragrance in its wake, so pleasant that you’ll be compelled to give your car some TLC on even the greyest of days.

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