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Our finest, most durable paint protection yet. Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating locks in perfect paintwork, providing the foundations for a year-round silky smooth, mirror-like finish.

Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating is the most durable paint protection product we have ever released. Throughout its scrupulous development, our chemists have continuously advanced the formulation, to produce a ceramic coating refined to a degree of unrivaled depth of gloss.

Ultra High Definition Shampoo and Ultra High Definition Wax enhance the performance even further, increasing durability to its full potential. When it comes to taking car care to the next level, Ultra High Definition products make the perfect harmonious team. This system enables you to achieve professional results at home and makes your car care program even easier and more enjoyable. The Ultra High Definition Ceramic [...]

Autoglym – Royal Warrant

To get one royal warrant is a genuine privilege. To get two takes hard work. When you clean your customer’s cars with Autoglym, you’re giving them a finish that’s fit for a Queen!
Autoglym  started in 1965 and the products and technical expertise have been used to maintain some of the rarest and most desirable vehicles in the world ever since. Autoglym regularly provides technical advice to leading vehicle manufacturers all over the globe and work in partnership to develop solutions in the research laboratory and testing facility.
Do you care for your car enough to make her look her best ? We all live in a competitive world in which we find our selves too busy to give adequate time for our car. Your car wax may have got postponed week after week in a never-ending cycle.

Banish The Darkness

The Lowdown on Headlight Restoration Complete Kit
Banish The Darkness – The Lowdown on Headlight Restoration Complete Kit
It should go without saying that headlights are a safety critical component at all times of the year, but they really do come into their own when the nights draw in and the British weather begins to make its presence felt – this time of year, basically. Your primary means of seeing the road ahead, and therefore of incalculable importance, keeping on top of the health of your headlights should be something undertaken as a matter of course.
The very nature of car care means that it’s a task which can go on indefinitely, or until weather or prior commitments get in the way of course! There’s little worse than leaving a half-completed, half-cleaned car (especially at this time of year), which is why we recommend picking your battles; there’s little point in attempting a complete, nut-and-bolt detailing session if you’ve only got half an hour spare. No, far better to undertake a smaller, less time consuming task and to do it thoroughly.

A Magic Number:

We Take A Closer Look At 3 New For 2018 products – Magma, Polar Blast & UHD Wax
Never let it be said that we at Autoglym are happy to stand still or rest on our laurels – far from it! Indeed, 2018 will see us launch an array of brand new, hugely exciting products, 3 of which we’ve opted to showcase here; Magma, Polar Blast & UHD Wax. All 3 are the product of an intensive design, development and formulation process, the end result being cleaning solutions with proven ability. Read on to find out more.
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