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Autoglym – Royal Warrant

To get one royal warrant is a genuine privilege. To get two takes hard work. When you clean your customer’s cars with Autoglym, you’re giving them a finish that’s fit for a Queen!

Autoglym car care products are proudly designed and manufactured in Letchworth ‘The World’s First Garden City’. From there they are filled, packed and shipped worldwide to almost all car enthusiasts, vehicle manufacturers and transport operators who demand the perfect finish on their vehicles.

Autoglym  started in 1965 and the products and technical expertise have been used to maintain some of the rarest and most desirable vehicles in the world ever since. Autoglym regularly provides technical advice to leading vehicle manufacturers all over the globe and work in partnership to develop solutions in the research laboratory and testing facility. It’s not just owners of rare or expensive cars that appreciate the difference of Autoglym products make. The comprehensive range of shampoos, cleaners, polishes and waxes are formulated with ease of use, durability and exceptional finish at their core, so any vehicle owner can achieve a flawless finish with this chemically advanced environment friendly products.

Autoglym are the sole supplier of car care products to the Royal Household. Two coats of arms on Autoglym products are the mark of a Royal Warrant, an official seal of sovereign approval.

Royal Warrants history date back to the 1980’s, with the first coming from Prince Charles, and a second and third from HRH the Queen Mother and HM the Queen. Autoglym products are used on all of the vehicles in the Royal fleet including state cars, support vehicles, Royal estate vehicles and state coaches. As a result, the Autoglym range gets put to the test on vehicles that are both brand new and hundreds of years old and is relied upon to give the best results every time.

Today there are around 800 Royal Warrant holders representing a huge cross-section of trade and industry, but the process to join this prestigious list is a rigorous one.

Before being able to apply, each business has to sell their goods or services to the Royal Household for five-years . Once the application is made, they have to show that they can meet a set of strict criteria including service, support, environmental awareness and compliance. Following a review by the Royal Warrant Holders Association a decision will be made on the suitability and authenticity of each applicant.If successful, the warrants are granted to a named individual, known as the Grantee, rather than the actual company. It is then the responsibility of the Grantee to ensure that the company operates in the manner to which Royal Household would expect.

The Warrant comes up for renewal every five years, at which point it has to be proven that the business still meets all the criteria set by the Warrant Holders Association and the Individual Royal Household.

Though the accreditation doesn’t come with specific privilege, we believe that Autoglym’s Royal Warrants are a sign of great service, Autoglym business’s moral and environmental standing and proof that some of the most expensive and globally visible vehicles in the world are trusted to and maintained by Autoglym products.

Now the Autoglym products are available in SRI LANKA to give your car the best care ever.
Contact for more details:
Rajitha Dulanjaya
077 568 5905

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