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The Lowdown on Headlight Restoration Complete Kit
Banish The Darkness – The Lowdown on Headlight Restoration Complete Kit

Not everything within the Autoglym range has been designed to make your car shinier, glossier or otherwise showroom fresh; some of our products are all about safety – with a little nod to appearances for good measure. Our Headlight Restoration Complete Kit is a good example of this, a product with the potential to transform both the effectiveness and the appearance of one of the most significant single components on your car, yet one that’s puzzlingly overlooked by some of the most committed of car care buffs.

It should go without saying that headlights are a safety critical component at all times of the year, but they really do come into their own when the nights draw in and the British weather begins to make its presence felt – this time of year, basically. Your primary means of seeing the road ahead, and therefore of incalculable importance, keeping on top of the health of your headlights should be something undertaken as a matter of course. While not as significant as the safety aspect, poorly maintained headlights can serve to really let a car down, particularly if they’re scratched or cloudy from moisture ingress.

Our Headlight Restoration Kit comes with everything required to put the shine back into your headlights

The good news is that we at Autoglym are only too aware of the challenge of keeping your headlights in perfect, darkness-banishing fettle, and can offer up a complete, DIY-friendly solution – Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit. It might not be a product you immediately associate with the Autoglym range but you probably should, not least as it has proved incredibly effective over the years, even winning the coveted Auto Express Best Buy.

The kit has been designed to work with an electric drill, cutting down the amount of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease required to get an effective result, while also making it a handy tool for anyone well versed in the use of basic power tools – anyone that’s undertaken some home DIY, really. It’s important to remember that the abrasive nature of the kit means that it should never be used on those cars with glass headlight lenses, and also that one kit is good for cleaning 1 pair of headlights.

This ‘before and after’ comparison shot gives a good idea of the effectiveness of the Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit.

A versatile bit of kit, the Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit has been developed to take the fight to hazy or otherwise dull lights, though it has also proved adept at ridding your car of light scratches and abrasions, though the surface of the headlight may have to be worked for longer to achieve this.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that physically using our Headlight Restoration Complete Kit is straightforward. Like the majority of our products, Headlight Restoration Complete Kit will be a far more effective tool if utilised after the lights have been treated to a shampoo and dry to remove the worst of the exterior filth. It’s then advisable to mask all areas of surrounding paintwork (the kit is based around a specially selected abrasive compound, remember), before sanding with the supplied discs to remove heavy defects and haze. It’s then time to break out the supplied foam discs in order to further refine any remaining imperfections, before polishing with restoring compound for that crystal clear finish. Wash the supplied accessories as required in clean, warm water and allow to air dry.

For a full demonstration, check out our How To Use video here.

This is one of those Autoglym products which really has to be seen to be fully appreciated, hence why it’s so important to try it out for yourself – your car (and other road users) will thank you for it.

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