Don’t postpone, Get your Wax done with Rapid Aqua Wax

with carnauba wax formulation

 Do you care for your car enough to make her look her best  ?

We all live in a competitive world in which we find our selves too busy to give adequate time for our car. Your car wax may have got postponed week after week in a never-ending cycle. This need not be. waxing your car to make her shine like a brand new is not a lengthy process anymore.

          Now you have the perfect solution

    Autoglym-Rapid Aqua Wax

Rapid Aqua Wax is the best-kept secret in car care. Rapid Aqua Wax is a carnauba based wax which can be applied directly to a wet vehicle straight after washing. It will be giving you a stunning hard wax finish in just a fraction of the time. It can be used to protect all exterior surfaces including paint, plastic, and rubber leaving you with a car to be proud of.

Rapid Aqua Wax has been the product of Autoglym which has been proven its worth time to time over the past years.

One of the main reasons for this success is the carnauba wax formulation which has very good emulsification properties and excels in giving glossy and slippery surfaces.

Rapid Aqua Wax is for quickly topping up existing sealants and wax following a wash. It is perfect if you are in a hurry and only adds a couple of minutes to the overall washing and drying time.

Rapid Aqua Wax is 100% safe to use on the vast majority of commonly encountered exterior materials, including paint, plastic, and rubber, and even alloy wheels.

  • Rapid Aqua Wax is most effective when applied sparingly, with 2-3 sprays per panel usually being more than adequate
  • Use a clean microfibre cloth to spread Rapid Aqua Wax evenly over the surface of the sprayed panel before buffing to a shine with a second clean, dry microfibre cloth. You can then stand back to admire your work, mere minutes after having first begun – it’s that quick to work!
Watch the Instruction on How to use Autoglym Rapid  Aqua Wax

There’s more;

Rapid Aqua Wax was developed to work in harmony with the majority of other Autoglym offerings, including

Autoglym – High Definition Wax (you can use it as a top-up between applications),
Autoglym-Super Resin Polish (it restores shine) and Extra Gloss Protection (it sits on top of any preexisting layer).

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