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  • Intensive Tar Remover

    A safe, fast acting solution to remove stubborn tar spots, glue residue, pen marks, oil and fuel stains inside and out

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  • Interior Shampoo


    Interior Shampoo

    Quickly and easily removes stubborn stains from all interior fabrics and surfaces

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  • Leather Care Balm 500ml

    A carefully blended pH neutral emulsion containing soaps, natural oils and surface proofing agents which nourish and moisturise vehicle leather

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  • Leather Cleaner


    Leather Cleaner

    A pH neutral formula that quickly and safely cleans all automotive leather and faux leather surfaces

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    Colour Transform Technology reacts with iron particles on your bodywork and wheels so they can be easily rinsed away for a deep clean.


    Your vehicle is under constant attack from airborne contaminants. Many of these are tiny particles of iron that appear as specks on paintwork and brake dust on wheels, dulling their shine. The active ingredients in Magma turn red as they react with these iron particles to safely loosen them from the surface to be easily rinsed away

  • Metal Polish


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    Metal Polish

    A fast acting compound that will remove tarnishing from brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and unlacquered aluminium alloys leaving them gleaming

  • Odour Eliminator


    Odour Eliminator

    An active formulation that doesn’’t just mask smells it destroys them, breaking down persistent smells such as nicotine, pets, food or can simply be used freshen your interior

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    A rich snow foam applied using a pressure washer or foam gun as a pre-wash stage.


    Polar Blast is a snow foam that can be applied using a pressure washer or foam gun as a pre-wash stage. It covers the vehicle in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen dirt and heavy soiling prior to shampooing.

    This reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks caused by a sponge or wash mitt moving over heavy contamination.

    Its pH neutral formulation will not remove any existing layers of polish or wax.

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  • Rapid Aqua Wax


    Rapid Aqua Wax

    The fastest way to a lasting shine

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    Used at some of the world’s most exclusive automotive events to quickly remove light dirt and fingerprints


    Rapid Detailer removes light dirt, restores shine and leaves a layer of polymeric protection on surfaces. It is a superior maintenance product for all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, rubber, plastic, chrome, carbon fibre and glass. It can also be used as a clay bar lubricant.

    If your car is in between clean and dirty, Rapid Detailer is perfect. It will not remove or affect polishes, waxes or sealants and actually tops up existing protection.

    You can also apply it to rubber, plastic, bare metal and chrome. If you have driven your car to a show, or are displaying it somewhere, this is perfect to get it back to 100%. If you have ever seen us maintaining cars at a show, we will have been using Rapid Detailer, it is our “go to” product. Team up with a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth and it is the perfect maintenance duo.

    Rapid Detailer is also an excellent clay bar lubricant and comes as part of the Surface Detailing Clay Kit.

    Pro Tip: If your paintwork is dull you will need to give it a wash and a polish first, and then you can use Rapid Detailer to maintain the polished finish.

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  • Super Resin Polish-Product Volume 1 liter

    A legend in the world of car care, used to remove minor scuffs and scratches and to restore gloss to all types of paintwork

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  • Super Resin Polish-Product Volume 500ml

    A legend in the world of car care, used to remove minor scuffs and scratches and to restore gloss to all types of paintwork

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  • Surface Detailing Complete Clay Kit

    Everything you need to remove surface contaminants from paintwork

  • UHD Ceramic Coating

    Our finest, most durable paint protection yet. Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating locks in perfect paintwork, providing the foundations for a year-round silky smooth, mirror-like finish.

    UHD Ceramic Coating

    Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating is the most durable paint protection product we have ever released. Throughout its scrupulous development our chemists have continuously advanced the formulation, to produce a ceramic coating refined to a degree of unrivalled depth of gloss.

    Ultra High Definition Shampoo and Ultra High Definition Wax enhance the performance even further, increasing durability to its full potential. When it comes to taking car care to the next level, Ultra High Definition products make the perfect harmonious team. This system enables you to achieve professional results at home and makes your car care programme even easier and more enjoyable. The Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating kit will equip you with the perfect apparatus to prepare your paintwork for this semi-permanent coating to bond to its surface and lock in an immaculate finish for up to 12 months.

    What’s Inside The Box:

    • 1 x UHD Preparation 100ml
    • 1 x UHD Ceramic Coating 100ml
    • 1 x UHD Ceramic Coating Applicator
    • 1 x Preparation Cloth
    • 1 x Finishing Cloth

    Unsuitable for use on matt paint.

  • Ultimate Screen wash

    A highly concentrated formula that when used neat remains effective and unfrozen at -45°C

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  • Ultra Deep Shine 500ml


    Ultra Deep Shine 500ml

    A polish designed especially for dark coloured cars, it removes minor scratches, swirls and oxidation to leave your paintwork with a smooth even gloss and enriched colour

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